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Smash or Pass

Smash or Pass

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  • EASY TO PLAY: Compete against other players to play the least shocking or most horrifying 'pass' cards. The player who ends up with the most ‘smash’ cards wins!
  • YOU BE THE JUDGE: Each player gets a chance to make the call - is it a pass turn or smash turn? The Judge chooses which player’s ‘pass’ card is the most horrifying or the least cringeworthy?
  • LEARN ABOUT YOUR FRIENDS: Our collection of epic ‘smash’ and cringe ‘pass’ cards will have you and your friends crying of laughter; you'll find out just how cool or uncool your fellow players consider different relationship characteristics and qualities through these playing cards.
  • ENDLESS REPLAYABILITY: Combine up to 800 unique cards to keep the laughs going. There’s way more potentially bad than good, with 160 ‘smash’ cards and a whopping 640 ‘pass’ cards for players to draw from during each game.
  • ANYTIME, ANYWHERE: Whether you need to pass some time on a road trip, or you’re looking for the ultimate in girls night games, it’s Smash or Pass to the rescue. With a little ingenuity, you can also turn it into one of your go-to party games.
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Smash or Pass Features

Rules of the Game



  • 800 Hilarious Cards

  • 640 Pass Cards

  • 160 Smash Cards

  • Endless Replayability

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